Monday, 8 November 2010

FEI Solutions for Natural Resources web launch

Today is a special day for Automated Mineralogy! FEI Australia is launching its first internet presence on Automated Mineralogy solutions for Natural Resources.

Natural Resources Applications are divided into Mining, Oil & Gas, Geosciences and Forensics. Each section serves as an introduction to the field of application and features great images from their QEMSCAN and MLA solutions. Make sure to check out the movie as well!

Hidden away but extremely useful is the Glossary of Natural Resources Terms. Among some 50 related terms, it defines Automated Mineralogy as "A generic term describing a range of analytical solutions, areas of commercial enterprise, and a growing field of scientific research and engineering applications involving largely automated and quantitative analysis of minerals, rocks and man-made materials". Here you go!

A good day indeed to start this blog on Automated Mineralogy, highlighting new applications, reviewing journal papers, pointing out conference presentations and showing off some interesting images. Enjoy!


  1. It is official now. The press release "FEI Launches New Website for Natural Resources" is out:

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