Thursday, 3 November 2011

QEMSCAN WellSite launch

FEI booth at SPE ATCE 2011 launching the ruggedised, mobile QEMSCAN® WellSite™ automated petrography solution.
This has been a very exciting week and a milestone for automated mineralogy and petrography. At the Society of Petroleum Engineers' Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (SPE ATCE 2011) in Denver, the rugged, mobile QEMSCAN® WellSite™ automated petrography solution has been launched. QEMSCAN WellSite has been developed for operation on oil and gas (O&G) drilling platforms and provides unprecedented analysis of drill cuttings. QEMSCAN WellSite has been successfully field-tested in challenging on- and off-shore drilling rig environments, in close collaboration with leading surface logging service providers and oil companies. The results of these field tests are published in the form of application notes, including this one reporting from the highlands of Papua New Guinea and conducted in collaboration with Halliburton and Oil Search Limited.

QEMSCAN WellSite is an integrated workflow solution, including sample preparation, measurement, and data analysis and export. As a result, near-real time QEMSCAN data is made available onsite, which can be used to support downhole tool data interpretation and time-critical drilling decisions.

The FEI Natural Resources website has been updated with detailed information on the QEMSCAN WellSite productQEMSCAN WellSite technology, QEMSCAN WellSite workflow, QEMSCAN WellSite field trials, and a section on conventional and advanced mud logging. For those less familiar with petroleum exploration and production, a QEMSCAN WellSite product brochure is made available for download. Finally, for those interested in specs I recommend looking at the QEMSCAN WellSite Product Data Sheet.

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